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Quick Notes from SBN's John Sickels

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Over at Minor League Ball, SBN's resident prospect guru, John Sickels, put up review lists of his 2007 preseason top 50 pitchers and hitters. Of note to us:

21) Matt Albers, RHP, Houston Astros
       Went 4-11, 5.86 with the Astros with a 71/50 K/BB in 111 innings. Good stuff, command a major problem.

30) Troy Patton, LHP, Houston Astros
      Went 10-8, 3.51 with 94/44 K/BB in 151 innings between Double-A Corpus Christi and Triple-A Round Rock. A solid prospect but probably won't turn into an ace.

32) Brandon Erbe, RHP, Baltimore Orioles
      Was horrible in the Carolina League due to control problems, posted 6.26 ERA with 111/62 K/BB in 119 innings. Should rebound if healthy.

45) Garrett Olson, LHP, Baltimore Orioles
      Hammered in the majors, but very effective in Triple-A, 3.16 ERA with 120/39 K/BB for Norfolk. Will get more chances in the Show.

John had Albers way higher than a lot of people might have, I think. I also put some bold text in there as an editorial choice; great news, huh? We don't have enough of these guys.

Patton and Olson give me hope. I'm not a believer in Erbe after that season. How could you be? He has a lot to prove this year to get his status as a prospect back. He was God awful.

31) Bill Rowell, 3B, Baltimore Orioles
      Hit .273/.335/.426 in 91 games for Class A Delmarva at age 18, holding his own at a very young age.

47) Nolan Reimold, OF, Baltiimore Orioles
      Limited to 50 games in Double-A by injuries, hit .306/.365/.565. Needs a full year of health to consolidate progress.

Some offensive system. I wouldn't have had Reimold among my top 50 hitters if I had ever sat down and made a list. Rowell has a really bright future. We've all been over my feelings on Reimold (I like him, I root for him, but I don't believe in him) enough, and I should probably just sack up and f'n admit that almost everyone seems to like Reimold better than I do, so maybe, just maybe, I'm being stubborn and pigheaded. He does need to stay healthy. No one disagrees there.

John's 2008 Prospect Book is available to order now, and I do legitimately recommend it. John is one of the guys I always look to when I want to get some insight on a prospect. There are over 1,000 players listed in the 2008 book. It's a very valuable resource from a highly respected name.