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Orioles Photo of the Day, 2008-01-20

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From September 12, 2007, Dave Trembley loses it at home against the Angels after a terrible blown call from the umpires.

The Orioles lost that game, 18-6, and we had long since stopped tuning in for most games, let alone day games. But how about some game thread highlights?


"I was so turned on! Trembley is a damn sexy man. Even more so when he's angry." -- Bluehen


"This is a fun game. Really showcases the ace of our staff." -- Baltimo

"Rocky Cherry is the ace of our staff." -- exitfare


"The sports equivalent of a gang bang." -- Ghost of Floyd Rayford


"I think that we can all agree this year has turned from a broken train to a train wreck." -- westcoastOfan


I'm going to go over some other memorable games from 2007 to kill some time. Look forward to your Camden Chat username in lights here on the front page, with something hilarious, profound, or profane attached to it.