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Not so fast

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Consider this the Bedard update update.

Good God, it never ends.

According to, this trade is far from done. Either that or there is some major-league posturing going on....

Andy MacPhail, Baltimore's president of operations, reiterated Monday afternoon that there is no trade in place and that he's not sure where the rumors originated. That denial, issued in the face of repeated requests for comment, lends new perspective to a story that has steadily built over the last 36 hours.

"As I said last night, we don't have an agreement with Seattle or any other team," he said. "I'm not expecting anything in the next few days and I'd be surprised if anything developed in the next few days."

MacPhail dealt with the same issue weeks ago in regards to a potential trade of second baseman Brian Roberts to the Cubs. The executive stood his ground that time and punched holes in that rumor, and he seemed poised to repeat the process on Monday. As of now, Bedard is still Baltimore property and doesn't appear to be headed anywhere.

Also, just to be clear, the "Sherrill is flying to Baltimore for a physical" rumor has been debunked by Sherrill himself, who says ESPN got it wrong. According to the Seattle PI blog at 10:49 this morning:

George Sherrill, Seattle's left-handed reliever thought to be part of the package, was reported by to be getting ready for a physical exam that would one of the contingencies of the deal.

Sherrill says he hasn't been told anything, he doesn't have any plans to go to Baltimore at this point and he has no idea where that story started.

''ESPN said online that Adam Jones and I are going to Baltimore to take physicals,'' Sherrill said. ''We're not.''

The ESPN story actually said the Jones and Sherrill were preparing to take physicals, which isn't quite the same thing.

Sherrill was quick to point out that he hasn't talked to Jones and doesn't have any inside knowledge of the 22-year-old Seattle outfielder's plans.

''I only know that as of right now, I haven't been asked to go for a physical.''

And then there is the Chris Tillman saga. A spokesman for his agent said the Mariners have not told Tillman he's been traded.