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Jason A. Churchill at Prospect Insider has this:

I'm being told by three different sources that the trade is as close to being done as it can get without an actual deal.'s Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, George Sherrill, Tony Butler and Kameron Mickolio going to Baltimore. ... Press conference likely Tuesday as the teams are probably awaiting physical results for all players involved.

Looks like this is going to happen very quickly, and I would think it'll all get finalized and announced today.

Thanks for the good times, Erik.

I don't love the deal. I like Jones and Tillman, but Sherrill and Mickolio are parts and nothing more. But Bedard has to be dealt. And if Luke Scott hits a little bit, the Orioles could have their first real outfield in years. The rotation could get really ugly, but I have faith in Guthrie, Patton and Olson, if nobody else.

It'll be a long year, though. Let's just hope that along the way, we get some inspired play.

Of course, this could all be bullshit and fall through. I actually hope it's not.

Update, 9:29 AM: Mariners spokesman Tim Hevly has confirmed that Jones was asked to return to the U.S. -- this is probably hours away from being announced.

Update, 12:30pm: (h/t OEutaw below) Jayson Stark at reports that Sherrill has also informed teammates he has been asked to take a physical in conjunction with the trade. In the same article, Stark also quotes his source as saying that Angelos has not yet signed off on the deal, and that he is unavailable to sign off today due to a personal matter. This makes it likely that the earliest a potential deal would be announced is Tuesday.