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The Rumor Mill - Is Adam Jones OK?

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Just as a lot of us were working ourselves into righteous indignation at the very thought that the law offices of Peter G. Angelos would be responsible for killing a trade involving our favorite left-handed 13-win Canadian pitcher, things get even MORE interesting. Apparently this is the latest rumor concerning the stall on the Bedard to Seattle trade: Adam Jones may, just may, have a physical issue.

From Roch's blog:

But I wanted to address the rumor (because it's what I do these days) that Adam Jones has a degenerative hip condition and that's why the Erik Bedard trade hit a snag.

All I can say about the topic is that the Orioles became concerned with something related to Jones, and the fact that they wanted to bring him in for a physical before alerting Bedard's agent that a trade agreement was reached should send off signals. But we've heard nothing up to this point about his hip.

That's an angle I have yet to read. But it certainly puts the non-events of the last few days in a new light, yes?

Basically, the way I read it is, Roch is confirming that the O's have a question about Jones' long-term health, but won't specifically say it's a hip injury they are worried about.

And just for the record, hip injuries are what killed the careers of Albert Belle and Bo Jackson, although they were two extremely different issues.

Use this space to address this particular angle, since the last post was approaching 60 entries already.