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MacPhail: "Other clubs" in talks for Bedard

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From Jeff Zrebiec at the Sun:

"We continue to talk," MacPhail said when asked about the proposed deal that would send Bedard to Seattle for a package that includes center fielder Adam Jones, reliever George Sherrill and pitching prospect Chris Tillman. "We've had some other clubs chime in as well."

MacPhail didn't mention anything specific, but Zrebiec addressed the other teams that were, at one point, seriously floating in Bedard talks. The Reds don't want to give up Jay Bruce, so they dropped out. The Dodgers signed Hiroki Kuroda, and they dropped out. The Mets just traded for Johan freaking Santana, and that takes them out.

Who else is there? We've heard nothing serious about other teams, but I like to speculate because I'm a blogger and not a serious journalist.

How about the Yankees or Red Sox? It's unlikely that Angelos will trade within the division, like it really matters, but these two teams were at one point very interested in Santana. With him now off the market and out of the American League, the perennial AL contenders in the Bronx and Boston could be interested in strengthening their positions. Both have the talent to move, but you can argue that neither need to give up their future to make anything happen.

Other than that, nobody springs to mind, and even those two teams are entirely questionable. Texas? The insane White Sox? Philadelphia, hoping to keep pace with the Mets?

Maybe MacPhail is just throwing this out there to try to force Seattle's hand a little. Who knows?

I know some of you are tired of hearing about this, but I'm having fun with it. It's not every offseason you trade your biggest star and your ace.