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MacPhail sticks up for the big guy

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Source: Roch and Jeff at the Sun

Asked if Angelos were responsible for nixing a deal, MacPhail responded, "No." He wouldn't elaborate further or provide details on why the talks appear to have hit a snag.


Adam Jones' physical, set for Tuesday, was postponed and not rescheduled. MacPhail confirmed today that Jones wasn't in Baltimore this week. The change in events led to an industry-wide perception -- and several Internet and newspaper reports -- that Angelos is holding up the deal. But the reports have been based more on the Orioles owner's reputation than any concrete evidence.

So, let's be honest, no matter what any of us feel about Peter Angelos: We have no reason anymore, other than speculation and reputation, to suspect that Peter Angelos has gotten in the way of this deal going through as of yet.

Pretty much everyone is in agreement that it looks like Erik Bedard is going to be a Seattle Mariner very soon. But we have no exact timeframe.

Here's my advice, if you care to hear it: Consider Erik Bedard gone. Consider Adam Jones a Baltimore Oriole. Welcome to the fold, Adam. ...HELP US.

The Sun article did give me one good belly laugh, though:

Executive vice president Mike Flanagan and former vice president Jim Duquette tried to persuade Angelos to make the deal [Roberts to Atlanta for Giles and LaRoche in 2006], but the owner refused to sign off, citing Roberts' impact on and off the field.

"I just thought that Brian should stay an Oriole, not that the front office didn't think so, [but] they were looking at it from a standpoint of improving the ballclub," Angelos said in March of the vetoed trade.

Improving the ballclub: Not one of Peter Angelos' concerns.