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I can't help myself...

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...I'm posting another update. Sorry to keep the hot stove burning, but when the source is, and you read three things you hadn't heard before, I think it's at least blogworthy.

The article was written by Jim Street, and posted at 7:47pm Wednesday night.

Among the items:

  • The Orioles are pursuing a last-ditch attempt to sign Bedard to an extension. Angelos called Bedard personally Sunday night to discuss a five-year contract.
  • In previous extension talks, Bedard's agent asked for 7 years, $100M, and the Orioles countered with a three-year deal. Yes, that's right, they countered with a three-year deal. Now I guess they're meeting in the middle.
  • MacPhail says he doesn't give two figs about the Santana deal, with respect to its effect on the Bedard talks.
  • UPDATE (per, as reported by Javylicious in the thread below): Bedard's agent vehemently denies that Bedard will enter into contract discussions with Baltimore.
There' also some unsubstantiated discussion of the whole "Jones hip" imbroglio, and a speculation that if the contract extension doesn't get done, the Seattle deal will go through for Jones, Sherrill, Tillman, and one or two other minor leaguers.