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Oh, sure, THAT makes sense

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This is hilarious.

The Seattle PI writes, essentially, that since the Twins accepted what they did for Santana, the Orioles should now accept what the M's are offering for Bedard.

Translation: The Twins just made a dumb trade, so the Orioles should make an even dumber one:

Gomez had 125 at-bats with the Mets last year. Humber and Mulvey have appeared in a handful of big league games each. Guerra hasn't played above Class A. These are good prospects, but not a package that will make the Twins instant contenders in the American League Central.

The package the Mariners have reportedly offered the Orioles -- outfielder Adam Jones, left-handed reliever George Sherrill and minor league pitchers Chris Tillman and Kam Mickolio (and maybe Tony Butler) -- is as good or better. And Bedard's résumé doesn't include two Cy Young Awards.

The Orioles reportedly spent the past couple of days trying to get the Mariners to improve their offer. The return the Twins are getting for Santana might convince the Orioles that the Mariners' offer is as good or better than anything they could get elsewhere.

Sure, the Twins' stupidity might convince the Orioles that. Or it might convince them that the Twins got fleeced.

I have no doubt, NO DOUBT AT ALL that if we hang onto Bedard until late July, the offers will improve. Not true for the Twins, who would be selling Santana as s rent-a-pitcher in July.

Seriously. Why do all these teams think we should trade an  Opening-Day pitcher, a Cy Young candidate, for one strong prospect plus some spare parts? Prospects often don't pan out. That's why we want at least two blue chips for a bona-fide sure-thing ace pitcher. You have to give something to get something. Etc. I'll save you all the time and not repeat the tired clichés.

There now seems to be a full court press by the M's and the Seattle media to make this bad deal happen. As far as I'm concerned, MacPhail should just sit back and wait. As he has said time and again, he will make a deal that is in the Orioles' best interests.

I have yet to see that deal.