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Bedard's agent denies extension talk

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Source: ESPN (Javylicious got it first in the thread for the post below)

Sources told on Wednesday night that Orioles owner Peter Angelos has decided to make a last-ditch effort to sign Bedard to an extension as trade talks with the Mariners continue. The sources said that Angelos called Bedard on Sunday and talked about the possibility of a five-year deal. The pitcher said he would discuss it with his agent. could not reach Bedard or his agent, Mark Pieper, for comment Wednesday. But on Thursday, Pieper released a statement vehemently denying that Bedard will enter into contract discussions with Baltimore.

"The report that appeared yesterday regarding Erik Bedard on is wholely inaccurate and contains nothing factual," Pieper said. "Quite honestly, that type of journalism is irresponsible and reckless."

OK, let's get real here. How many goddamned "irresponsible and reckless" stories can one fuckin' trade rumor have? At some point, someone has to have said something true. Every goddamned step of this process has been denied by everyone involved. Adam Jones talks to the Venezuelan press, it's denied. Bavasi and a Mariners PR rep talk, it's denied. MacPhail is about to start denying he said things that he said yesterday. Extension talks? DENIED.

It's the media! The media has everything wrong! It's not the same old drag ass Orioles bullshit with some disinformation to spice up the dish. This is also vintage Andy MacPhail, for those that don't know any better. Ask around.

Buster Olney has this:

The Orioles have asked the Mariners for written language that Seattle will submit Jones and Sherrill for a physical examination by the Orioles -- and if they pass physicals, then and only then will Baltimore be obligated to finish the trade. The inherent risk for the Mariners is that if either Jones or Sherrill were to flunk their physicals in Baltimore, then the respective value of the players would be diminished within the industry.

Jones, 22, is regarded by scouts and executives with other teams as a rising star. "He's going to be a monster," said an AL talent evaluator. "If you put he and Nick Markakis in the same outfield, that is the start of something."