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The Cabrera Bowl: A winner is me!

Back when we started The Cabrera Bowl, our own Dr. Enloe said, "Yeah, I know, tonight is just one night. And we need to see consistency. And all that."

He was right. It was just one night.

There was a time when Z was out to a fairly decent lead. I was happy for him. Happy for him because I respect him as a human being and a friendly adversary, and because it meant that Daniel Cabrera was pitching alright. He had a fine April (4.14 ERA) and a really good May (3.14).

Then it all came crashing down. Just like I told you it would.

June: 7.06. July: 5.65. August: 7.71. And in two September starts, a lucky 5.40 ERA, with an 11-to-2 BB-to-K ratio in 8.1 innings.

On the season, he struck out 95 batters in 180 innings. He walked 90.

Daniel Cabrera is horrible. He is 27 years old. This is not going to get better. The "innings eater" tag is not praise. It's the nicest thing you can say about him. "Well...he pitches some innings." And generally puts us in a position to lose.

5.25 ERA, 1.61 WHIP, .286 BAA, and he can't get strikeouts anymore. Plus he'd still walk your grandmother.

Daniel Cabrera is horrible.

And I'd like to thank him for making me a champion.


If anybody would like to step up for 2009 and take me on in Cabrera Bowl II, feel free.