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CoOkInG oN tHe HoT sToVe

Free Agents can begin talking to other teams this Friday, and Yahoo has a nifty list of Free Agents that will be updated as the off season progresses. I'll be glad when Teixeira is signed somewhere and we can stop pretending he'll end up in Baltimore.

Trades! Reports are the Matt Holliday has been traded to the Oakland A's. In return for Holliday, the A's will send the Rockies Carlos Gonzalez, Greg Smith, and Huston Street. This trade perplexes me just a bit as it seems to be the opposite of Billy Beane's MO, although if he in turn flips Holliday before the deadline I'll feel better about my understanding of the world. Beane is regarded as being brilliant, and I'll give him that his trades do make sense generally, but he is perpetually rebuilding which will never let the A's catch the Angels. Maybe Billy Beane is realizing that.

In the "who cares" category, the Nationals traded Emilio Bonafacio plus minor leaguers to the Marlins for Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen. The Nats were just god awful last year so they can use any pitching they can get, even if it is Scott Olsen.

No news on the Orioles front yet, although that's hardly surprising. If Andy doesn't pick up his snail pace this off season I might go insane. In looking for any information on the O's, I found's Orioles Hot Stove Blog. Nothing much going on over there except for the Khalil Greene rumor and Danyz Baez's desire to be a starter, but it might be a good place to keep an eye on.

Tomorrow is the big Orioles rally at the Gallery to reveal their new uniforms. Some info on the uniforms from Roch's blog. It seems that Nick Markakis, Jeremy Guthrie, and George Sherrill will be there for the big reveal. A co-worker and I are planning on taking a long lunch to check it out, so hopefully I'll get some good pictures for you.