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MLB getting rid of coin flips

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From the AP story:

Rather than heads or tails, baseball general managers plan to recommend that sites for division and wild-card tiebreakers be decided by wins and losses.

"The team that performed better against the other team I think is the one that deserves to have home-field advantage, not an arbitrary coin flip," San Diego Padres general manager Kevin Towers said Thursday as the annual GMs meeting ended.

MLB staff is drafting a proposal for the GMs to consider next month when they gather at the winter meetings in Las Vegas, according to Jimmie Lee Solomon, executive vice president of baseball operations in the commissioner’s office. Head-to-head record between the tied clubs appears likely to be the first tiebreaker.

"I think it’s better to decide it on the field," Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels said.

Wow. No kidding. I would even go so radical as to not assign home field advantage in the World Series on the outcome of the freaking ALL-STAR GAME, where nobody present cares what they're doing past not getting hurt, but hey, baby steps toward sanity and actual results mattering instead of coin flips.