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Your Dec 22 Evening Open Thread and Teixapalooza

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Just to recap the latest from the weekend and pull it all into one place:

The Bosox, after flying to Texas last Thursday night, later stated that they will "not be a factor" for Teixeira after Broas reportedly told them it would take 8/$195M to get a deal done, although he denies this. Numerous outlets had reported a Boston offer of 8/$184M, but this figure has also been denied by Boston with other estimates placed at 8/$170M

• Boras, perhaps sensing his strategy failing, called the Yankees Friday and asked if they wanted to make an offer. He told them it would take 8/$180M-$185M to get a deal done. The Yankees have not made an offer on Teixeira

• On Sunday, the Angels, who had had a 8/$160M deal on the table for Teixeira, dropped out of the bidding. And it doesn't sound like a bargaining tactic. "We're withdrawing the offer and there will be no further negotiations," Angels vice president of communications Tim Mead said Sunday. "I can't speak for other organizations, but I can tell you — we are out. We are no longer involved in negotations and are moving on." Hilariously, Boras responded with a statement that Texixeira is still interested in being an Angel. 

The Nats and Orioles both have their original deals on the table. According to Buster Olney (who we now know is not the most reliable dude out there), the Nats' offer is for 8/$160M, and the Orioles is for 7/$140M (not $150M as some had reported). 

• In other news, Manny has told friends he's getting a three year offer from NY, NY denies it, and Cabrera signed a one-year deal with the Nats for $2.6M.

Happy Hanukah everyone!


PS Per the other thread, we are soliciting haikus regarding the Teixeira shenanigans.