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So that's over - What are you THANKFUL for this year?

35685672_mediumUnless Mark Teixeira channels the body of Rafael Furcal, he's the newest member of the Evil Empire. As O's fans, we're pissed, we're outraged, we're probably not surprised, and maybe, just maybe, even a little envious.

Let's move on - what are you thankful for this year?

It can be baseball-related, like the fact we have Nick Markakis locked up for 3 more years, and The Matt Wieters Era should start sometime in May. 

It can be wholly personal. I'm pretty happy my 8-year-old is learning Algebra this year, and my 11-year-old is going with me to see Metallica next month and we'll spend the following day in Mahattan, which will be her first trip.

Maybe it's completely frivolous - I'm really pysched that the unlocked song at the end of Guitar Hero: World Tour is Dream Theater's "Pull Me Under." That's a great song. Add in the fact that there's some downloadable content for GH:WT for the Wii, and I'm a pretty happy guy.

So tell us, the Camden Chat community: What are you thankful for?