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Youkilis commits to Team USA, Sosa will work 4 millions of dollars

New, comments says that Kevin Youkilis is the newest of relatively few players to take up arms for Team USA in the upcoming 2009 World Baseball Classic. Boston teammate and AL MVP Dustin Pedroia was the last to commit, if I recall.

ESPN says that Youkilis, Pedroia, Derek Jeter, David Wright, Chipper Jones, John Lackey, Brian McCann and Grady Sizemore have also signed on, though you can expect at least one of those to drop out by the time the rosters are officially set.

Davey Johnson's going to have a hell of a time, really. The first WBC saw the Americans pretty well embarrassed, including a loss to Canada, and the word back in '06 was that the next time out, some of our proud American ballplayers might step up and compete for national pride or whatever it is they're competing for in the WBC. Instead, A-Rod took his purse-slapping and purple lips and old woman fetish to the Dominican team.

Also, if you were waiting, it's that time of year where Sammy Sosa wonders aloud why no one's knocking his door down.

"Those who saw me training know that I'm hitting the ball with the usual authority. I just hope to get the chance to prove that I'm still a threat," said Sosa at a charity event sponsored by his foundation.

I remember the olden days, when Mr. Sosa's English was so patchy he had to bring a translator to Washington with him. Baseball been berry berry goo to he. It's so reeeeaaaal.