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Giants sign Unit to one-year deal

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From the AP:

Johnson and the Giants agreed to an $8 million, one-year contract Friday, meaning the 45-year-old pitcher will go for his 300th win with a new team — and back home in the Bay Area to boot.

Johnson, a 21-year big league veteran who spent the past two seasons with the Arizona Diamondbacks, was born in Walnut Creek, Calif., about 30 minutes from the Giants' waterfront ballpark. He grew up in nearby Livermore.

Johnson is five wins away from No. 300 and assured immortality in Cooperstown, though realistically it should've been clinched years ago.

I would've been OK with the O's taking a stab at Johnson. He made 30 starts last year, we could've gotten An Historic Moment in 2009 (though the last time we got one, it turned sour pretty fast), and we're talking about Mark Hendrickson and Danys Baez starting next season. You do need bodies, and RJ is a lot better than everyone we've got lined up except for Guthrie.

Still, you can't argue with where he's going. He knows the NL West, he's close to home, he got a decent one-year deal (I'd have been willing to go up to $9.5 mil or so), and he's old. But the Giants are no more going to contend than we are, so certainly winning wasn't a huge deal to him.

I figure chances are this'll be Johnson's final go-round unless something miraculous happens. It keeps freaking me out that all these great players from my youth are dropping like flies. My two favorite pitchers (Maddux and Mussina) both called it quits this offseason. I'm much too young to feel this damn old.