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It's a Small World After All (Pt. II) - Javy (not that one), A.J. and the Orioles

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Just as they were finalizing a trade for Javier Vazquez, the Braves were preparing a five-year offer for A.J. Burnett, according to sources. Burnett, considered the No.2 starter on the market, was expected to wait for Sabathia to make the first move. But with the Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays all apparently hesitant to give Burnett a fifth year, the 31-year-old might jump at Atlanta's offer before Sabathia makes his decision.


 The Braves agreed to a trade Tuesday that will bring them veteran Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Javier Vazquez and a reliever, a person familiar with negotiations said.

In a six-player deal, the biggest Braves talent — literally and figuratively — going to Chicago is catching prospect Tyler Flowers, a 6-foot-4, 248-pound slugger who was the best power hitter in the Arizona Fall League.

The Braves were also expected to send infielder Brent Lillibridge, minor league third baseman Jon Gilmore and rookie-league lefty Santos Rodriguez to Chicago for Vazquez and lefty Boone Logan.

The hypothesized Orioles’ attempt at acquiring Javier Vazquez (Delmarva Shorebirds c/o ’96)  is now a moot point as he looks to be on his way to Atlanta. But not just that, Atlanta now looks to add Maryland native A.J. Burnett as well.

So, now not only is one decently priced option off the table in Vasquez, but the injury-riddled yet expensive Burnett will now have yet another suitor for his services. Basic supply and demand dictates this will serve only to drive up the price for his services, and also give him leverage to demand another player option year onto whatever contract that he eventually signs.

Burnett may well have a preference to play near his hometown, but I doubt seriously he will take one dollar less from the Orioles to do so.  And more importantly, after Burnett signs, who is left that will help the Orioles rotation? Paul Byrd? Hey, Jamie Moyer’s available again! Sidney Ponson’s a free agent – how about a third try?

Remind me again how we’re building to be competitive in 2010…