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No HD games on MASN for 2008

Well, it's looking like the only two baseball teams in MLB that won't have games carried in HD in 2008 will be the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals. MASN made a vague statement about carrying HD programming in 2008, but as I said then, they didn't committ to showing GAMES in HD.

With as bad as this team is going to be in 2008, maybe this isn't such a bad thing. But c'mon, the ROYALS and the RAYS get games in HD locally, and we don't?

Update [SC]: Todd Webster of MASN sent this article along to me, and it contains some more information on the HD story.

Many Nats and O's fans have expressed their displeasure on baseball message boards -- and in e-mails sent to

But Todd Webster, a MASN spokesman, told today that the regional sports network is still talking to cable and satellite operators about providing high-def coverage this season.

"We're still planning for some (Nats and O's) games (in HD) this season," he said. "We're working with the affiliates (cable and satellite operators) to expand their capability for (MASN in HD.)

But Webster acknowledged that "not much has changed in the last six months" in those discussions. "But we are still trying to work it out."

The regional sports network told the Baltimore Sun last year that it might offer high-def coverage of the Nats and Orioles this year. But today, less than two months before the 2008 season begins, the network has still not announced its high-def plans.

Every other MLB team has already announced that its regional sports network will provide some games in high-def this year, including the Kansas City Royals, which were not broadcast locally in high-def last year.

Webster said it's still possible that MASN could make a HD announcement by Opening Day.