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The latest on Bedard

What, did you think you were getting a day off? Dream on.

Jeff Zrebiec says to expect resolution within the next couple of days, either way. The trade is still being seriously discussed, but may indeed fall through.

Dan Connolly says the Orioles should close the deal if there's not a better one out there, and I agree with him up to the point where he says that George Sherrill is "an undervalued left-hander who can close games in a pinch" -- Jamie Walker can close games in a pinch, we have more than a pinch situation, and Sherrill is a one-out reliever who is valued exactly as he should be. He gets one out and goes to sit down. Seems like that's his value.

At last check, 73.2% of Sun online voters (6,482) think the Bedard trade to Seattle will happen.

Lookout Landing isn't talking. USS Mariner is also trying their best to abstain. Good for them. Stay strong, brothers.