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Community Projection '08: Melvin Mora

For the record, this year I'm going to put all the projected data together when we're done. Right now we're just doing the projections.

Second to the plate is Melvin Mora, the Oriole with the longest major league tenure on the current club. He came over in 2000, which just beats out Brian Roberts and Jay Gibbons, who joined the big club in 2001.

Melvin bounced back a bit in 2007, but that comes with some "buts." First, it still didn't make him any good. He had an adjusted OPS+ of 98. Second, he missed almost 40 games. Third, he's 36 years old.

The wheels could come off, bad, any time now. Or he could continue being below average, which might be the best case scenario.

                AB   AVG   OBP   SLG  2B  HR  RBI   BB/K
2005 Baltimore 593 .283 .348 .474 30 27 88 50/112
2006 Baltimore 624 .274 .342 .391 25 16 83 54/99
2007 Baltimore 467 .274 .341 .418 23 14 58 47/83

That's the line we need: AB, AVG/OBP/SLG, 2B, HR, RBI, BB/K