Maese Column

After reading Rick Maese's Sun column this morning I felt the need to throw in a few words in defense of Andy MacPhail.  In case you don't feel like reading through all of what the guy has to say, which given past experience is certainly understandable, he relays MacPhail's history in Chicago of being "solid, slow, unspectacular" (in MacPhail's own words), and then goes on to categorize this Orioles offseason as being irreparably damaged by the Bedard trade, regardless of what the eventual outcome is and what the O's get out of it.  Maese argues that the prolonged nature of the deal (he fails to mention that it's been prolonged by rumors and innuendos spread by him and his colleagues in the press) have shown the baseball world that the Orioles are nothing but a still bumbling franchise and that MacPhail's tenure here is simply more of the same.

Can these guys just shut the fuck up if they don't have anything to write?  Florida is nice this time of year, perhaps the cash-starved Sun can give Maese a week without pay to go down and get himself set up for Spring Training in FTL.  I've said this before regarding the trade, but the problem with it "dragging out" is a press corps desperate for a story, during what is almost always the slowest time of the year for baseball journalism, not the Front Offices involved.  Throughout this entire time we've heard both MacPhail and Bavasi say they're still working on the deal and nothing has been finalized.  Yet every day minor, often completely wacky rumors drip out of the press to give their sportspages something to run.  Now I realize that a number of these items probably originated with someone in one of the respective organizations (usually Seattle's from what I've seen) but the attitude taken from the press corps has been essentially a juvenile "Are we there yet??? Are we there yet???" throughout the past two weeks.  These people need to relax.

The reputation of the Orioles will be improved by one thing and one thing alone: Winning.  If MacPhail makes good deals and gets good returns for the club in his trades then hopefully we'll be on the road to doing that.  Until then, taking a 5 year old mentality and writing like a gossip hound the way Maese does this in this column regarding the "feelings of the baseball world" serves no purpose whatsoever.  

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