I have to vote in 24 hours and I still haven't decided.  I am a little tired of all the "change" rhetoric, and its variations, associated with Obama because it's a politically vacuous word.  Obama staff is made up all veteran Washington insiders.  It's not like he represents some break from the "Washington business as usual" staleness that voters are disaffected with.  Paul Krugman just wrote a column this morning concluding that his health care plan isn't passable.  And in comparison to Clinton's plan, it doesn't cover as many people and is more expensive.  But in terms of integrity (the other popular Obama phrase word), Obama seems to be superior.  I say "seems" because Obama's service in highly visible political positions isn't nearly as long as Hillary's thus he hasn't been vetted as closely.  But we do know that Clintons can be cut throat and unscrupulous.  And Clinton is certainly a divisive figure.  Poll data from NPR shows that Hillary is much better than Obama in unifying the democratic base.  But, unlike Obama, she's just as effective in unifying the Republican base against her.  In other words, some Republicans may vote Obama while they're likely to vote against Hillary just for the sake of spiting her.  If you want to throw in your two cents on who I should vote for, go ahead.  

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