not so enthused

Why Andy why?

I wish I could share the enthusiasm of some other devoted o's fans when it comes to the Bedard trade.  The way I see it is guys like Erik come round once in a generation.  As a 34 year old and O's fan for 25 years or so- I got to catch the tail end of the Palmer days-saw guys like Mcgregor, Flanigan,Boddicker and even my favorite traitor Mussina.  I think Bedard has shown flashes of brillance I havent seen since the days of the late 90's and the one hit 15 strikeout games of mussina in the alcs vs Cleveland.
To give up on a young power arm(not to mention a left handed one) for a 22 year old outfielder with all 5 tools who cant miss(alex ochoa ring a bell?l) is just outright foolish.  Now dont get me wrong I want to win as badly as any other diehard, and if we need to rebuild I am all for it-but why throw away the jewel of the franchise-if not the league?  Something tells me that there will be pleanty of other Adam Jones' but only one guy who will leave us pulling out what's left of our hair and hearts every fifth day.

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