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Thanks and farewell, Brian Bob?

Buster Olney (ESPN Insider) says that when the Bedard deal to Seattle goes through, expect Brian Roberts to be sent to the Cubs after all, ending that saga. No timetable, but don't expect them to wait long. Too close to pitchers and catchers reporting, and Brian and the Cubs coming over would probably like to know if they're headed to Florida or Arizona.

Says Olney:

Pitcher Sean Gallagher would be the centerpiece of the package moving from the Cubs to Baltimore, and along with the players acquired in the draft and a better infrastructure, the Orioles could be in position to give their rabid fan base a team that provides legitimate hope in a few years.

Thanks for the compliment, Buster. It's not often national writers recognize how much Orioles fans really do care about the team, and how sick of this shit we are.

To fill the rotation hole that will be left with Bedard's departure, The Denver Post is reporting that the O's have shown some interest in Josh Fogg. I don't think they NEED that veteran starter, but Conventional Wisdom says they do, and it's not like Dave Trembley wants to go out there with Guthrie, Loewen, Cabrera, Gallagher and Patton, which would be my guess at a five-man rotation if the Roberts trade happens and we don't sign a vet.

Frankly, I prefer that to throwing Josh Fogg out there to "eat innings." But I also prefer Fogg to Trax or Lohse, so there's that.

Really, right now is just a continuation of the waiting game on Bedard, and now we throw Brian in there, too.