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Turning the page . . . to Roberts?

The one remaining question of the offseason roster overhaul is whether or not B-Rob gets dealt.

Today in the Sun Times, Chris DeLuca discusses the question, stating that after a month of rumors, Roberts is "back atop the Cubs' wish list".

Pitcher Sean Gallagher, outfielder Matt Murton and infielder/outfielder Ronny Cedeno are the key young players mentioned most frequently in the talks. Left-hander Sean Marshall, who looks to be getting squeezed out of the Cubs' rotation, also could be included in the package. There have been reports that the Orioles' pursuit of Pie has been a sticking point.

Hard to imagine the O's would let the trade talks die over a center fielder who has yet to prove himself in the major leagues. Besides, they have essentially penciled in Adam Jones -- acquired from the Seattle Mariners in the Bedard deal -- as their Opening Day center fielder...

It's clear the O's are torn about Roberts, who turned 30 on Oct. 9. He could sign a long-term extension and become an easily recognized centerpiece to the massive rebuilding effort being overseen by former Cubs president Andy MacPhail.

I'm a little torn here myself. When we start to compete again in 2010, Roberts will be 32. Will he still have that basepath speed? Will we have to overpay to get him to stay?

On the flip side, I'm not all that impressed by the Cubs' offers. It appears to me that Sean Gallagher sucks balls, and furhter than Sean Marshall is a 26-yr-old #4 starter at this point. Didn't we just assemble, in JP's words, about 57 young, good prospect pitchers in our farm system? Why would be block them with Marshall?

Matt Murton in left field though? Yeah, that works for me.