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Community Projection '08: Ramon Hernandez

Photo © Luis M. Alvarez / AP

Razor's last three years:

                    AB   AVG   OBP   SLG   HR  RBI    BB/K
2005 San Diego 369 .290 .322 .450 12 58 18/40
2006 Baltimore 501 .275 .343 .479 23 91 43/79
2007 Baltimore 364 .258 .333 .382 9 62 36/59

Last season was not out of the norm for Hernandez, who has topped 450 ABs three times in his eight real big league seasons (we won't count his debut 40 games in 1999).

Also take into account that he's going to turn 32 in May -- not a good thing for a catcher.

And then, I would tell you to do yourself a favor and ignore all this B.S. about how he's in "the best shape of his career" and "really dedicated himself to his conditioning in the offseason" -- again, everyone says that every spring, particularly if they've come off of an injury or two.

The line is as above: AB, AVG/OBP/SLG, HR, RBI, BB/K