Anyone else see this?

Now, I usually take what Jayson Stark says with a grain of salt.  He's never seemed to me to be the hard-hitting investigative type.  But this makes pretty compelling reading in the middle of spring training anyway.
STRIKE TWO -- Bird Land: An official of one club that has been in touch with the Orioles and Cubs predicts the Orioles will trade Brian Roberts to Wrigleyville in the third week of March. The most likely package continues to be Roberts and Jay Payton for Sean Gallagher, Ronny Cedeno and at least one more prospect.

The Orioles also have been telling clubs they'll add at least one more veteran starting pitcher before Opening Day. Translation: Kyle Lohse, if they can keep Scott Boras' asking price within reason.

At the moment, the Orioles are planning on Steve Trachsel as their Opening Day starter, just to take the heat off their younger pitchers. Which leads us to this question: What's the last team to start a free agent who signed a minor-league contract on Opening Day? If you can think of one, let us know, at
Here's the complete link:

Trashcan starting OD?  anyone else hear this?  Kyle Lohse?  i like to think i hear as many rumors as the next guy, but this is the first place i've seen this.  i don't think know-it-all Ken Rosenthal has even said the O's were interested in Lohse.

i could be wrong.  it's happened once before.

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