Mark Loretta=Roberts trade coming?

No real news here, just more speculation on the rumor that has dogged us all February/March.

Discussion of late has been about the O's interest in Houston's Mark Loretta. The Houston Chronicle notes that there was an Orioles scout on hand at Monday's Astros game, when Loretta went 1-for-3, and the Sun reports Astros scouts watching the Birds on Sunday. And of course, the Cubs continue to watch Brian Roberts, having TWO scouts on hand yesterday.

It has been posited here and elsewhere that the O's are after Loretta because of Bynum's injury and Hernandez's struggles at short.

But I'm starting to think the more likely answer is that they want to pull the trigger on the Roberts deal and they aren't really interested in Ronny Cedeno as his replacement. Get Loretta to start at second, and you can ask the Cubs for more pitching, an outfielder, whatever....just skip over Cedeno. Cedeno is batting .190 this spring which is just a hair below his career ML average of .203. And despite Cubs' fans ridiculous thoughts to the contrary, Cedeno is nothing more than a throw-in on a Roberts trade.

If the O's make a move on Loretta, I bet the Roberts chips fall a day or two later. God knows the Cubs are ready for it to happen.

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