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Around SBN baseball

I'm bored, and debating which projection to do next (we're going to start turning up the heat and blowing through these in the next week or so), so I decided I'd find something of at least mild interest on the front page (including diaries) of every single SBN baseball blog. Ready? OK!


  • Bluebird Banter: Examining Scott Rolen, and his potential impact on the 2008 Blue Jays. My personal feeling is that no matter how much or how well Rolen plays, they finish third. Sry, Jys fns.
  • DRays Bay: Rocco Baldelli has some sort of muscular disorder, or something. Details are not clear. But that really sucks, for both the Rays and for Baldelli, obviously. All the tests he's taken recently did rule out life-threatening stuff, so that's good news. Best wishes to Rocco, and hopefully he'll find his way back onto a ball field in the near future.
  • Over the Monster: Allen Chace wonders what the Sox might have done had they known about Schilling's injury. Then in the comments, Sox fans complain about their offseason. OUR OPENING DAY STARTER IS STEVE TRACHSEL, YOU GREEDY SCHMUCKS. (My own Ed. Note: I don't begrudge them complaining about not improving the team; with the money they have and the position they're in, they should do so every year.)
  • Pinstripe Alley: It's 45ish degrees out today, sunny and most of the snow has gone away. It's supposed to stay warm this week. I'll tell you, I felt it walking out to go to breakfast this morning, and watching the video posted here, I can't help but feel it even more. BASEBALL, BY GOD!


  • Bless You Boys: Curtis Granderson "wow"ed by Jacque Jones' basic understanding of logic.
  • Let's Go Tribe: The case of Travis Hafner, as told by fanatics with a sense of fearing the worst.
  • Royals Review: The 100 Greatest Royals of All-Time countdown gets to No. 64: Angel Berroa! See what I mean about the lack of even good players in any team's history?
  • South Side Sox: Jerry Owens is the next Kenny Lofton. Or, you know, not.
  • Twinkie Town: A look at the race to replace Torii Hunter in center field at that God awful dump of a stadium.


  • Athletics Nation: Five reasons the A's will be better than you thought in 2008! One response: No they won't.
  • Halos Heaven: Everyone interested in Reggie Willits (AND WHY?) should give up. How about Juan Rivera?
  • Lone Star Ball: Blog diarist calls out sportswriter. Sportswriter is actually quite right. Whoops.
  • Lookout Landing: With BUH DARD and King Felix, the Mariners put licensing on "1-2 punch." Other teams resort to new nicknames for their front two starters. Spoiler: "Guthrie/Lowen: 1-2 tickle"


  • Amazin Avenue: Olmedo Saenz up! Tony Armas down! Brian Stokes steady.
  • Federal Baseball: News. On the Expos. Hooray.
  • Fish Stripes: Attn: Everyone who keeps calling for the return of the four-man rotation. The Florida Marlins might be your guys!
  • The Good Phight: Adam Eaton still sucks.
  • Talking Chop: Javy Lopez up! Tyler Flowers down! Scott Thorman, Braves first baseman of the future, steady. Steadily lame. Sick burn!


  • Bleed Cubbie Blue: A filmmaker will follow the 2008 Cubs, apparently. Quote: "What we're doing is a film exploring the love affair between the great city, Chicago, and its ball team, the Cubs -- what makes Chicago unique, the city, and what makes the people of Chicago unique and why they have supported this team so passionately for so long."

    This will make for the 312th movie doing exactly that. Jesus Christ, already. Win the World Series.

  • Brew Crew Ball: Jason Kendall might be batting ninth some this season. That's not news since Kendall sucks, until you think about it for a second -- this is the National League we're talking about. Get the DH already. Grow up. Times change.
  • Bucs Dugout: Former Pirates manager and Tigers skipper Jim Leyland better beware: His team might have too many good players!
  • The Crawfish Boxes: Debating Miguel Tejada's yearly participation in winter ball. Tejada hasn't been on a good team in years, so I see no issue with it. He won't be on one any time soon, either.
  • Red Reporter: "Patterson will be the regular CF before June 1. Disgusting." ... "I'd like to believe they're just 'insurance,' but the first rule of Reds fandom is knowing that every shitty veteran signing will see more playing time in the bigs than he deserves." ... "Fuck. Patterson is worse than Reggie Taylor." ... "Unnecessary. Disappointing." ... "Any bets he's batting lead off on opening day? Let me rephrase that, any bets he won't be batting lead off on opening day?" ... "i yawned when i read this. biggest non-suprise since the time i got super contra for my birthday." ... "What a collection of idiots."

    My kind of people.

  • Viva El Birdos: Discussion on what role, if any, Tony La Russa's leadership may play in the sad story of Scott Spiezio, based on previous statements, previous teams, previous players, etc. I actually found this really interesting food for thought.


  • AZ Snakepit: Snakepit projections lead me to believe the Arizona Diamondbacks have a really awesome rotation, and that nothing could possibly go wrong. Randy Johnson is great!
  • Gaslamp Ball: "I'm sick of Jayson Werth's relatives and friends. Seriously."
  • McCovey Chronicles: The odd couple! Again!
  • Purple Row: Some of the Rockies really beat the crap out of the NL West's name value starters.
  • True Blue LA: Esteban...