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Community Projection '08: Aubrey Huff

Definitely the most charming and gentlemanly of all the Orioles, wouldn't you agree?

I never wanted this moron on the team, and he's only upped his douchebag output since arriving.

Horseshit Huff's last three years:

                      AB   AVG   OBP   SLG   2B   HR   RBI    BB/K
2005 Tampa Bay 575 .261 .321 .428 27 29 104 49/88
2006 Tampa Bay/Houston 454 .267 .344 .469 25 21 66 50/64
2007 Baltimore 550 .280 .337 .442 34 15 72 48/87

He's 31, and will be battling for playing time. Not only does he have Luke Scott taking up the left field PT, but now he has Scott Moore around pushing for ABs as well. Huff isn't as old or slow (or good) as Millar, and he's probably the more likely to be traded of the two, if the Orioles can find a front office as stupid as the Flanagan-led mess that thinks this is still the 2002-04 version of Huff that was actually a really good hitter.

The line: AB, AVG/OBP/SLG, 2B, HR, RBI, BB/K

Feel free to make up your own projections of Aubrey Huff stupidity, too. Actually, how about this? BONUS! Huff's OPS in April and August

(Career mark in April: .700 ... Career mark in August: .925)