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Jay Gibbons would prefer to not go to instructional camp

Frankly, I'd prefer Jay Gibbons go anywhere that has no association with the Baltimore Orioles, but that's me.

Gibbons is being considered for assignment to extended spring training thanks to his 15-game suspension. He wants to start with a minor league team and get some work there, but the Orioles are pretty sure -- since this MAKES SENSE -- that Gibbons can't play for a team whose games count.

All we've heard about Gibbons this spring is that he can't play. That was fairly obvious LAST season, wasn't it? When you talk about performance-enhancing drug use in baseball and who's been caught, or at least has been clearly fingered even without failed tests, there's a few different camps. There are the guys that can play without them -- Bonds, Clemens, Tejada (none of whom have failed tests or admitted use), Pettitte, and so on and so forth.

Then there's the group Jay Gibbons belongs to. The group that can play baseball professionally, sure, but are they even on a major league team with any consistency without it? Gibbons and Ryan Franklin and guys like that.

Then there's the other group, minor league bums that are trying to become Ryan Franklin or Jay Gibbons.

Oh, the vicious cycle.

Don't do drugs, kids. You might turn into Jay Gibbons.