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Burres takes the Fif', Cherry DL'd, Gibby on hold, Albers makes the 'pen

Roch Kubatko took out his trusty quill (or whatever he writes with) and gets some news out of the way so he can return to his normal litany of unfunny jokes.

Of note...

  • Jay Gibbons, according to WNST's text alerts, has had his 15-day suspension placed on hold for 10 days. So he's eligible to go north for OD. Which means the O's have to make a decision sooner rather than later on whether he stays or goes.
  • Brian Burres takes the 5th spot in the rotation. I can't help reading that and thinking of Dave Chappelle as Tron in front of Congress - "I take the Fif !"
  • Daniel Cabrera takes the 2nd spot, a bit of a surprise, but who cares after the first trip through anyway.
  • Matt Albers will get a chance to go north and start the year in the bullpen.
  • The rest of the bullpen is George Sherrill, Jamie Walker, Chad Bradford, Greg Aquino, Dennis Sarfate and Randor Bierd.
  • The O's don't set their roster until Sunday at 3 p.m.
  • Rocky Cherry has been placed on the DL retro to March 22
  • Diamond Dave Trembley has decided the O's Opening Day lineup should be guarded with the level of secrecy normally reserved for nuclear launch codes or Dick Cheney's vacation plans, and won't announce it until it's posted on OD.

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