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The final exhibition game

The O's are in D.C. to help open Nationals Park, the new home of the Expos, which will undoubtedly get a cool new name within, what, three years?

It's the final exhibition game for the O's. I paid almost zero attention to the games this spring, in large part because I've started to realize how much I hate spring training. It seems like it takes forever, and when your most interesting positional battle comes down to Luis Hernandez v. Brandon Fahey, it's hard to get excited either way.

But this is the final one. On Monday, the O's welcome Charles, Leonard & Liotta to OPaCY for a three-game set. I'm going to get some Q&A-type stuff that I did with R.J. Anderson of DRays Bay up tomorrow.

In the meantime, by God, it's that time of year. If we can start off 1-0 on Monday, that'd be great.