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Camden Chat was featured along with Orioles Hangout and Oriole Post in Andrew Ratner's On Blogs feature at the Sun today, which is pretty neat. It was an honor just to be included.

I think it's pretty obvious to spot the differences between OH and CC, but we're different for a reason, and I hope it doesn't come off like I'm condoning some of the more despicable stuff you see on forums and message boards, though rarely much on blogs, really. OH was one of the sites that made me want to do this at all, along with Birds in the Belfry. I still read OH frequently, though I've never been an active poster over there; their style is just not my brand of vodka. Actually, them being different than us is good. I don't want people biting my groove.

Other O's blogs: The Wayward Oriole, Dempsey's Army, Roar from 34, Oriole Central, Weaver's Tantrum, Oriole Magic. Add more!

I also want to thank Andrew Ratner and the Sun for including the site and getting our name out there even more.