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Quotes from Opening Day


Photo © Baltimore Sun

The Crow and Diamond Dave are in love with Brian Bob! Adam Jones gets a great reception! Aubrey Huff scores a subtly sick burn on Dioner Navarro! Jeremy Guthrie explains what happens when you throw a fastball to a man expecting a fastball and leave it in the kill zone!


"It was like, all right, hopefully this is as the season goes."

-- Adam Jones, on his run down the orange carpet

"That’s Brian Roberts. He’s one of the premier leadoff hitters, not only in this league but in the game. I wouldn’t expect anything different from him. I don’t think anything bothers him."

-- Dave Trembley

"Brian's fabulous. I'm glad we have him."

-- Terry Crowley

"I thought Guthrie threw strikes, but his location wasn’t what we’re used to. The location of his secondary pitches is what got him in trouble."

-- Trembley

"He was expecting a fastball and I threw a fastball. If it was a better location, we'd have a better result. It was up around the belt and he did a nice job on it."

-- Jeremy Guthrie, on Eric Hinske's fourth inning solo homer

"They’ve got a nice offense one through nine. Even Navarro had three hits. He’s a guy you just can’t sleep on."

-- Aubrey Huff

"I've got no problem with guys being aggressive to start the season. If guys are going to be around the plate, I want them to swing the bat."

-- Trembley


"It was expected. If I was in their situation, I would have booed me, too. It was a stupid thing to do. I'm sure the fans have been itching to get at me."

-- Huff, on getting booed for calling Baltimore a "horseshit town" this offseason

"I thought it was hilarious, to be honest with you. I was booing him, too."

-- Kevin Millar

"Guys were laughing at it. Millar actually thought he was going to get a little bit, but he got off light."

-- Huff

"From what I heard, it was a pretty big deal up here, which I didn't realize that much until the next morning after the show was over. In Lauderdale, I didn't get anything, so I figured, 'OK, it'll be all right,' but whew."

-- Huff


"The fans have every right to receive anybody in this ballpark any way they want. Huff's here to play baseball, the fans are here to watch the game and support their team any way they want."

-- Trembley