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OMG, it finally happened. I guess that's what a day of DeRosa and Theriot going 0-for 6 does for you. 

A news conference has been called this afternoon at 2pm at Wrigley. I'll let you read the article (link below) for the juicy bits, but here are the highlights:

... It appears that MacPhail got his man after all, as the Cubs are parting with highly regarded outfielder Felix Pie. Other players in the deal are all names we've heard before: Ronny Cedeno, Sean Gallagher, Sean Marshall and Donny Veal

Roberts heard the news from teammate Millar this morning. Reached for comment via Blackberry, he responded, "It's bittersweet. [Baltimore] is the organization that I came into baseball with, the only organization I've ever known. But Chicago is a great town and I'm looking forward to giving my best for a historic franchise."
"...I'm glad to have it finally done with because the rumors were getting old. I mean, who keeps a player for opening day and then trades them on April 1st?"

You can read the rest in the Chicago Sentinel.