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Gameday Thread: O's (6-1) @ Rangers (3-4) [Game 1]

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Steve Trachsel, RH (1-0, 3.18/1.06) v. Kevin Millwood, RH (0-2, 1.29/1.43)

The Rangers switched it around so that Millwood starts game one today, and Kason Gabbard will take game two against Adam Loewen. Both games are on MASN2.

I talked about Trachsel yesterday. Go get 'em, Steve.

Millwood had a rough 2007, but this will be his year. He's already sporting the 1.29 ERA. Look, every three years, Millwood is really good. He's due. Career ERAs: 4.03, 4.08, 2.68, 4.66, 4.31, 3.24, 4.01, 4.85, 2.86, 4.52, 5.16, ?.

I'm going to have to miss most of the first game thanks to BS that I wasn't planning on having in the way of a game. If I'm not back by the start of game two, there's a new thread scheduled to post at 8pm for that one, but if it doesn't, just use this thread and I'll take care of it when I get in.



  1. Adam Jones, CF

  2. Melvin Mora, 3B

  3. Nick Markakis, RF

  4. Kevin Millar, 1B

  5. Aubrey Huff, DH

  6. Luke Scott, LF

  7. Ramon Hernandez, C

  8. Scott Moore, 2B

  9. Brandon Fahey, SS



  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B

  2. Michael Young, SS

  3. Josh Hamilton, CF

  4. Milton Bradley, DH

  5. Hank Blalock, 3B

  6. Hulk Hogan, LF

  7. David Murphy, RF

  8. Gerald Laird, C

  9. Ben Broussard, 1B


  • In three starts at The Ballpark, Trachsel has a 7.63 ERA with four homers allowed in 15 1/3.

  • Ben Broussard is an average player, but an Oriole killer. In 73 career at-bats against the Birds, Big Ben hits .370/.410/.562.

  • Hank Blalock is an average player, but his home-road splits are pretty infamous. At The Ballpark, he hits .303/.372/.524. Away, he bats just .244/.302/.399. Home? The old George Brett comparisons aren't so crazy. Away? Neifi Perez comparisons.

  • The most significant Texas contribution to Orioles history is Frank Robinson, born in Beaumont, also the birthplace of the great George Jones. Not a stat, I know. Who cares?