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Rangers 3 and 5, O's 1 and 4: So, uh...


via (© LM Otero / AP)

I didn't see the first game, but I do know that getting three base hits is not exactly good. Rangers won 3-1. Stupid every-third-year Kevin Millwood.

In the second game, Adam Loewen struggled badly with his control -- again -- and left a couple too many pitches up -- again. Count me as decidedly not on the train with Loewen or Cabrera. I mean, I'll be psyched when they have good games now and again, but these bad ones are torture. I don't watch summer re-runs; I don't want to watch them on live TV, either.

Jay Payton homered and Markakis and Melvin had two hits apiece in the second game, too. Randor Bierd looked good in relief. The Rangers chipped away at Chad Bradford to score what turned out to be the winning run in the bottom of the eighth, following the Orioles tying it in the top of the inning on a sac RBI from Millar.

Brandon Fahey and Luis Hernandez combined to go 0-for-6 over two games. I know Luis had that one big game-winner, but don't stop expecting to see Alex Cintron sometime soon.

Luke Scott's hot streak hit a roadblock with an 0-for-3 opener (three strikeouts and a walk) and then crapped out in a pinch-hit appearance in game two. Ramon Hernandez had a 1-for-5 day to raise his average to .143.