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Diamond on Razor: Mixed signals!

CaptJeff Zrebiec has a column up regarding Ramon Hernandez's early season struggles (he's hitting .143), in which Dave Trembley doesn't think Ramon is pressing at the plate.

"I don't think he's pressing," Trembley said before Game 1. "Ramon's a guy that needs to stay on the program. He benefits with early work with [hitting coach Terry Crowley], and he benefits from staying on the program and all the drills Crow has him do in the cage. ... We weren't able to do it [on Tuesday]. It was a travel day and Opening Day here, so our schedule was different. I think when you see Ramon get in that routine of his early work with Crow, I think he'll be better."

So, he's not pressing. He needs work with the "King of Swing and a Miss." Early work. Program work.

"When you're pressing a little bit, I think you have a tendency to open up the strike zone," Trembley said. "I'm confident Ramon will have a big year because he's healthy. His attitude is very positive."

So he IS pressing? You be the judge! Just keep in mind that Razor is in good shape. The best shape of his natural born life, even.

I'm not really concerned about Ramon yet, either, partially because I just don't expect him to be very good, healthy or not. If he's still struggling to reach the Mendoza Line in mid-May, then I'll start to really worry. For now, I'm content to throw some jabs at all this talk about how healthy he is. Like a rhino, this guy!

At the bottom of the article, minor league director Dave Stockstill overuses the word "ready" in regard to Alex Cintron, who has yet to be activated by Norfolk, and says Billy Rowell is still a few days away from returning to the lineup in Frederick.