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Just hit, Aubrey

Ph_333492_medium The visitors of this blog have spoken, and all we want from Aubrey Huff is good play.

Maybe good play so the team keeps playing surprisingly competent ball. Maybe good play so that he can be traded at maximum value. Maybe good play just for the sake of good play.

But whatever it is, the vast majority of us have decided that we're past the "horseshit city" stuff and if nothing else, just want him to hit.

We asked 124 people what they think of Aubrey Huff. Survey SAID!


  • I don't really care, I just hope he hits - 66%
  • All is forgiven - 15%
  • I just don't like him, is the thing - 11%
  • I want him gone - 6%
So just hit, Aubrey. The boos will go away. Most of us don't even care anymore.