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It's time to call them...the Nationals.

I was thinking about how I always call our forced rivals, the Warshington "Nationals," the Expos still, and though I've explained many times that this is in no way a shot at the Nats (for the record, in case you ever missed it, I just think Expos is a cool ass name for a baseball team), I'm now starting to wonder if it's time for me to stop.

The only remnants remaining from the last Expo team are Chad Cordero, Jon Rauch, Luis Ayala, Nick Johnson, and Shawn Hill.

The Expos are now very much the Washington Nationals. And with Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes perhaps primed to be the next stars -- along with current Face of the Franchise Ryan Zimmerman -- that's just going to be even more firmly entrenched.

These are the Washington Nationals, warts and all. And it's mostly warts, because as much as "their" fans (I still don't understand where their fans came from if it wasn't just quitter O's fans, to be totally honest) would love to go to Laughsville at our expense sometime, the truth is their organization is just as incompetent as ours has been. Paul Lo Duca AND Johnny Estrada? The team is still terrible, and shows only glimmers of hope that this will change any time in the next few years.

But, this really is it. When only five guys on the 40-man roster have any connection to the Montreal Expos, it's time for me to let it go.

Au revoir, Expos. Enjoy your freedom fries.