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Gameday Thread: White Sox (8-5) @ O's (8-6)

Orioles-charliesheen_medium Whitesox-chuckd_medium Orioles_ice_cube_medium

Charlie Sheen is not greater than Chuck D. However, when you combine Charlie Sheen with Ice Cube, we win this battle of celebrities in fashion caps.


Oh, damn it...

Game time is 7:05 on MASN2, but you can count me out since this isn't on WGN, same as tomorrow's game. I might catch tonight's game at the bar if they have WCIU, but tomorrow I'm just out, as it's "DJ Dance Party Night" and, well, I'll pass. That's usually just an invitation for some cougar to try to eat my head or sixteen fights -- take your pick.


White Sox fans: God. I mean, jeez -- seriously?

I'm sure fans of the Pale Hose would point to this as evidence of our fanbase. And then I'd say, "Hey! Suck it!" Because 25 years ago is the best we can do.

Anyway, the game.

998889n3_medium 200px-walk_like_a_man_poster_medium

Jose Contreras, RH (0-1, 6.17/1.97) v. Adam Loewen, LH (0-0, 7.45/1.76)

The old veteran sits in the visitors' clubhouse, his eyes darting around the room.

The young hurler prepares in the home team's locker room, joking with his fellow Orioles.

The old man gets a salad. It's been a tough season so far.

The young man gets a Red Bull. His season hasn't been much better, though Buck Martinez might tell you otherwise.

The old man is Cuban.

The young man is Canadian.

Bunts will win the game.

-- Bill Plaschke


N Swisher, CF .268/.444 2 4

O Cabrera, SS .255/.386 1 4

J Thome, DH .156/.240 2 7

P Konerko, 1B .190/.364 2 11

J Dye, RF .340/.377 2 5

A Pierzynski, C .421/.488 2 9

C Quentin, LF .231/.348 2 13

J Crede, 3B .313/.370 4 16

J Uribe, 2B .171/.227 1 4


B Roberts, 2B .308/.400 1 5

M Mora, 3B .255/.309 3 6

N Markakis, RF .326/.475 2 5

K Millar, 1B .231/.310 2 7

A Huff, DH .245/.315 2 11

L Scott, LF .386/.449 1 6

A Jones, CF .279/.333 1 3

R Hernandez, C .167/.174 2 8

B Fahey, SS .091/.091 0 0