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O's 6, Yankees 0: A-ha. A-ha-ha-ha.


The New York Yankees just aren't very good.

I know this happens every April, the Yankees start slow and get warm with the weather, but I like to take the time to gloat while I can. Plus, it's getting to be a routine with the O's playing New York fairly tough, after years of rolling over for them like trained cocker spaniels.

With the O's up 4-0 in the sixth, Diamond Dave decided to go to the 'pen and get Burres out of there. I thought this was a wise, wise decision. Burres is a 5-6 inning starting pitcher. With five hits and four walks against him, we were already kind of testing fate with Brian. Plus Morgan Ensberg was coming up, and Morg is a lefty basher. In comes Jim Johnson, who finishes the final three and a third with one hit allowed and nothing more, and we go home winners on a 6-0 score.

My favorite part of the game watching the YES broadcast was one of the following:

  1. Millar comes up in the third, Ken Singleton offers to give us the Ricoh scouting report on Kevbo. He gets one part of it, then the pitch from Ian Kennedy is coming. "We'll get to it after this pitch," says Singleton. Whack! Dong Millar. Get to it next time, maybe.
  2. Promotional spots for tomorrow's game: "The Melk Man looks to deliver against Aubrey Huff (?) and the high-flying Orioles!" This is either a rib by someone at YES or a clear misunderstanding of Aubrey Huff's importance to the Birds. Maybe the YES staff hasn't heard of Nick Markakis. After all, he's not in Boston or New York, and he's not Ichiro. To his credit, Huff delivered a two-RBI double to push our lead to six. But really? Aubrey Huff? Not Markakis? Not Yankee Killer Brian Roberts? Not arch nemesis Kevin Millar?
  3. Brandon Fahey got two hits. I will maintain to my dying day that he has no business in the majors, but it's not like I don't root for the dude. One of his hits was an RBI double past Posada (who started at first base since Giambi's hitting about a buck.)
Actually, let's continue with Fahey. Let's stick with the Fahey groove. Let's talk some B-Fah. After getting his two hits, a pitch hit Fahey. Billy Traber was the marksman. The rational part of me says that there's no way these dudes would ever intentionally throw at Brandon Fahey.

And then there's the fan. I say they threw at Fahey. Fahey may be a crappy ballplayer and a ridiculous member of the 25-man roster, but he's family, yo. I wanted Sarfate warmed up and ready to drill someone in the hindquarters. I am not someone that thinks retaliation is so awful -- I think throwing at someone's head is awful, whether it's Kyle Farnsworth or Daniel Cabrera, who deserved a beatdown last year for throwing at Dustin Pedroia. But plunking someone in the buttocks? That works.

The O's are 11-7. They were also 11-7 after 18 games last season. I like this team. They've got testicles.

Star of the Game: Giuseppe Franco