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Gameday Thread: Yankees (9-10) @ O's (11-7)

Game time is 1:35 on MASN and YES. I'm putting this up early since I may or may not be around near game time, and I just don't trust the scheduling feature. I mean, it's worked the two times I've used it, but new-fangledness always chips at my whiskers.

Today's Starting Pitchers GS IP ERA WHIP BAA BB K W-L
Andy Pettitte - LH 3 18.2 3.38 1.55 .301 7 9 2-1
Steve Trachsel - RH 3 14.1 5.65 1.60 .259 9 4 1-2

Here is a Steve Trachsel rookie card:


Here is Andy Pettitte in a suit:


He looks nice! He must've had something important to do that day. I hope it was fun!

Pettitte, of course, has been famously successful against the Orioles. Please note that I did not say he's been particularly good, because that would be stretching the boundaries of truth, facts, science and the American way.

This, however, will be the first time the Orioles have faced Andy Pettitte when he's not been under the mask of... oh, you get it. Who are we to throw stones? I actually don't have much against Andy Pettitte outside of the obvious. He seems a gentlemanly sort, really. Like he ran with the wrong crowd, especially that two-faced fat one they called "Rocket." Reminds me of Eddie Haskell. Gets my blood boiling!

Andy Pettitte is one of those Yankees where I think in a different world, we could've been pals. Donnie Baseball is another one. Actually I think my list just ended.