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O's 3, White Sox 3: That was time well spent

The O's and White Sox played to a 3-3, 11-inning draw today thanks to heavy rain in Chicago turning the field into a slip and slide/marsh, and no makeup date has been announced as the teams don't play again until way later this year, and that's in Baltimore.

By the time it comes around, I don't think it'll really matter if this game ever gets finished or not, but they could also choose to do it Monday, June 23, since both teams are off, the White Sox leave for L.A. on the 24th, and the O's would just have to come down from Milwaukee, equally useful as they're in Chicago starting the 24th to play the Cubs, anyway.

But one inning of baseball maybe? Getting a crowd in and disrupting travel plans and all that for what could be one inning of baseball? Sounds...dumb. So I expect they'll just finish it in Baltimore.

I'm attaching a poll here because I can't decide who wins today's Cabrera Bowl. Here's Danny's line: 6.1 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 7 BB, 2 K.

I know he managed to skirt by walking seven today, but he walked seven today. I think this one qualifies as a toss-up. So do your duty.



zknower and I will both refrain from voting for our own causes.