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Gameday Thread: Rays (1-1) @ O's (1-1)

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Andy Sonnanstine, RH (6-10, 5.85/1.36) v. Steve Trachsel, RH (7-11, 4.90/1.60)

Game time is 7:05 on MASN. Or, at least it is if it gets played. The chance of rain is 80%. Hopefully, they'll get this one in.

It would've made perfectly good sense for these two to trade ERAs last season. Trachsel's was 4.48 with the O's, but he got bombed with the Cubbies. And that 45-to-69 K-to-BB rate just can't happen again.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Gon' get ugly for Stevie Trax this season.

The 25-year old Sonnanstine is a superb control pitcher who gives up a lot of fly balls, which led to 18 homers allowed in 130 2/3 innings. For a fourth starter, you can do a lot worse than this guy, who is sort of like a better Josh Towers. Lots of folk really like Sonnanstine. I like his last name!


  • Cliff Floyd is just 5-for-27 (.185/.207/.185) with no extra base hits lifetime against Trachsel. The two were teammates from 2003-06 with the Mets, and late last season with the Cubs.
  • Kevin Millar hits .320/.417/.564 in his career against the Rays, with 18 homers and 71 RBI, his bests against any team. He has played in more games (106) against Tampa Bay than any other team. His second-best RBI mark against a particular team is the Yankees (46).
    Jonny Gomes is slated to start in right field tonight, the third RF starter in as many games for the Rays, following Eric Hinske and Nathan "Willie Mays" Haynes. Gomes has a career 1.000 OPS in April.
  • Carl Crawford has stolen less bases in April (38) than any other month over his career, not counting March and October.

UPDATE (from duck): Game postponed as of 6:15 p.m. EST