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Rainouts can be OK!

You know how when a game got rained out back in the day, and they'd show a movie?

Well, since we're rained out and it's still only 9:30, let's talk recent movies you've seen.


American Gangster: A modern Scarface, I thought. Low on much of anything interesting, high on image-driven B.S. that makes people think it's a great movie. For a great story told at an epic pace, this sure drags and gets boring as all hell. Russell Crowe is a great actor and anyone that says differently is catty or weird, but Denzel Washington is kinda paint-by-numbers in this one and it just doesn't live up to any of my expectations, which were that it would be, you know, at least good. Instead it's sort of OK. I care not if I ever see this movie again. It'll be collecting dust on my shelf.

No Country for Old Men: It was good! I'm sure you needed me to tell you this. In fact, it was great. The best the Coens have done to date.

Mask: I love having my On Demand working again. HBO has this up. I'd never noticed that it's actually a really enjoyable, well-acted movie. I just always thought of it as "The Rocky Dennis movie, with Eric Stoltz having a screwed up dome." I hate Cher but she's good here. And Sam Elliott is an American treasure. MOUSTACHE RIDES.

Little Big League: Highly underrated baseball movie. Silly story but good baseball scenes and interesting characters. What more can I ask?

Smokey & The Bandit 3: My God.

Now if you know me, you know I love Smokey & The Bandit. For a movie of its nature, it's a stone cold classic. The sequel was, um, interesting. An elephant?

This one is preposterous. I had seen only parts of this, once, many years ago. I figured since I like 2 more now than I used to, maybe 3 would be worthwhile fun. Turns out it isn't. I hate everything about this movie. It's creepy, depressing, bizarre and just plain fuckin' weird. There wasn't a single funny moment in this movie. How this actually wound up getting made is beyond me.

Just make it an open thread for whatever, if you want. Nothin' better to do.

The Mariners come to town tomorrow, and I'll preview the Baysox, too. Norfolk's losing 9-2 in the eighth. Penn got shelled -- 4 1/3 IP, 10 H, 7 R, 6 ER, 3 K, 1 BB. The lineup was Redman (CF), Eider Torres (2B), Oscar Salazar (1B), Terrero (DH), Costanzo (3B), Roberson (RF), Heintz (C), Boucher (LF), Mike McCoy (SS).