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Update on Rowell

Roch has been told that Frederick Keys third baseman Billy Rowell "tweaked" his ankle last night, leading to his first inning departure from the game after reaching base on an error. So it doesn't sound like anything serious, thankfully.

From what I've read, he left the game limping a little bit. My first instinct was maybe he hurt his hamstring. This might be a better result.

And if you haven't yet heard, Guillermo Quiroz will be the personal catcher of Adam Loewen, which will allow Ramon a rest every trip through the rotation, and a consistent one at that. I've always liked the backup catcher getting his spot start with the same guy; not when it's like Greg Maddux, though, who apparently would've let any one of us catch him before he let Javy Lopez.

So get ready for Guillermo tonight! YEAH! He beats Paul Bako.