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Frightened Bedard refuses to face mighty Orioles



In a rather unsurprising turn of events, Erik Bedard will not be making his scheduled return to Baltimore start tomorrow, sitting out with what is being called "something wrong with his hip, the baby."

If you ask this journalist, it sounds like nothing more than Bedard, the ex-Orioles ace, being terrified to face his former teammates, who are currently riding a three-game winning streak and have embarrassed his new team on consecutive days, scoring demoralizing victories in front of sellout crowds at Camden Yards.

Such cowardice on display from what was once a respected man about town! Such lack of intestinal fortitude that it begs one to ask, "Is this the guy we traded? Why were we ever reluctant to do so?"

March on, Adam Jones. March on, Shutdown Sherrill. Play with your heads high, for you are winners. This "Buh-dard" that was once so highly regarded among Orioles fans is showing his true colors: Yellow, all over.